Collection: The Fruit Moth x Fabia Goff


For the A Virtual Vintage Market Summer Pop Up The Fruit Moth has worked tirelessly alongside a Canterbury based artist and pattern designer, Fabia.H.Goff.

Fabia showcases a collection of fabulously floral and bold artwork and homeware that intends to bring joy, calm or confidence. From linopronts to fabric wall hangings each piece includes handmade elements and/or artwork made to order in her studio and using local suppliers. Going forward Fabia intends to tackle social issues including mental health, inequality and body neutrality with her work, projects and exhibitions throughout Kent and the UK.

The collection uses three of Fabia's original pattern designs printed by a local business in Kent with vegetable based inks on organic calico, and sourced vintage fabrics from The Fruit Moth. Each piece in the collection is completely reversible, combining old and new in a sustainable and responsible collaboration.