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Why I am increasing my pricing for dresses...

Why I am increasing my pricing for dresses...
Happy Monday you lovely lot!

My dress drop is THIS SUNDAY! It’s the biggest collection I have made so far and also the most expensive.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the pricing for these dresses because I KNOW they are an investment and I do not want anyone to feel like I am pricing them out but…

I am a one women band. This means I:
🎀 Source the fabrics
🎀 Design the dresses
🎀 Cut and sew them
🎀 Photograph them
🎀 Measure them
🎀 Write descriptions and list them
🎀 Promote them
🎀 Pack and send them

I need to make sure I am paying myself a fair wage, I’m a sustainable brand and if I don’t see my own wage as part of this I am going against everything I stand for.

These dresses are cut and sewn by me, by eye. They are completely original designs because no patterns have ever been used. This means each dress is a complete one off.

The materials used are all vintage for this collection, and vintage fabrics are going up and up in price. However, the quality of these fabrics is far superior to anything I could find off the roll nowadays, and it means that nothing new is being produced for my business.

All of my dresses are fully lined on the body, and fully French seamed. French seams means double the work but double the longevity - these dresses if treated with love will last you a lifetime.

The costs are not just fabric and my wage. They are also:
🎀 Shopify fees
🎀 Packaging costs
🎀 Label costs
🎀 Button and elastic for the pussy bow
🎀 Machine needles
🎀 Thread
🎀 Electricity costs
🎀 Taxes
🎀 Insurance
🎀 Machine services
🎀 Phone and internet costs
🎀 Train fares for sourcing
🎀 Postage costs
🎀 Being able to pay myself for holidays and sick pay

Every little thing adds up, and I need to start taking all of these little things into consideration.

I do have Clearpay now which means you can spread the cost of one of these heirloom dresses, and I’m always willing to chat with anyone worrying about missing out on a dress because of the price about how I can help you, because I love you all and I never want to make anyone feel that I am unaffordable.

I hope this post helps not only my gorgeous customers to understand the pricing, but also helps other beautiful businesses that I fear seriously undercharge for their beautiful handmade pieces.

The Fruit Moth

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