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Welcome to the world of The Fruit Moth...

Welcome to the world of The Fruit Moth...

I'm Nicole, I'm 28 and I live in Manchester with my partner and my little dog, Albert.

From a very young age I have been obsessed with charity shops. Treasure hunting inside these little Aladdin's caves was my favourite thing to do, and I had an ability to see the beauty in things that would sometimes get eyes rolling. I've always wanted to wear things that are a bit different - and I found myself wearing vintage clothing when 'vintage' just meant second hand. I still wear shirts and accessories today that I bought over 15 years ago for £1 - and I love them just as much as I did then.


My other true love was reworking old clothing into new items. I'll admit looking back now, some of the things I upcycled ended up looking horrendous - I never have been able to pull off a crop top. However, the idea has stuck with me and I have found myself reinventing old things for new purposes throughout my life.

I studied Fashion Design at college and completed a degree in Fashion Marketing, and have found myself working for other brands and establishing a successful career - but my own dream has always been to start my own, ethical brand. There's something so special about buying something unique - a feeling you just cannot find when shopping fast fashion. 

I have been more than a little bit obsessed with sustainability in fashion since I first started my studies, and completed my dissertation on sustainability in the fashion industry. I have always dreamed of creating my own business that leads the way in sustainability, and now I am beginning my journey - and I hope you'll hop on for the ride. Every piece on sale is made from either remnant or vintage fabrics, or pre loved clothing. All packaging and stationery is made from 100% recycled materials. Any offcuts of fabrics are reworked into small accessories, like scrunchies and headbands.

So here I am, finding vintage fabrics and accessories to jazz up the clothing in your wardrobe. Because after all, the most sustainable outfit you can wear is already in there.

Welcome to the world of The Fruit Moth.




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